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Jolly Season Large Stencils

This is a 9x12 inch stencil layering collection which features four stencils each with numbers and instructions etched right on the stencils. Layer all four stencils onto an 8.5 x 11 inch piece of cardstock to obtain a fun and stylistic holiday pattern on your cardstock. You can then cut your cardstock in half (vertically and horizontally) to create four ready-to-make A2 cards.

  • 9x12 inches
  • 4 stencils
  • Each stencil has a number etched on it to help guide you in layering this product.
  • Coordinating dies available here

Instructions: You'll need 5 colors for your Jolly Season layered stencils (light pink, red, dark red, green and dark green). These are merely color suggestions. Use your imagination to choose your color palette.

1. Position your stencils to ensure the numbers are read upright. If the numbers or upside down or sideways, rotate the stencil until the numbers are upright. 

2. For stencils #1 and 2, blend these stencils onto your 8.5x11 inch piece of cardstock with your light pink and red inks. 

3. For stencil 3, you will have to selectively blend your dark green and dark red elements. The elements that are outlined or circled should be blended with dark green. Everything else on stencil 3 should be blended with dark red ink. 

4. For stencil #4, blend entire stencil with light green.  

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