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Our Story

Hello, everyone, my name is Effie!  I am an attorney and a passionate crafter which led me to launch The Ton in January 2015.  I started crafting in June 2014 when I created a custom rolodex for my office using an ATC spinner, dies and stamps.  Then I discovered the wonderful world of card making.  After some time, I realized there were specific designs that I was looking for that I could not find (shoe wardrobes) so I decided to make my own and the rest is history.  

What does "The Ton" mean?

I have received many inquiries about this since the launch of The Ton.  The "ton" is a historic term that was used to refer to high society aristocrats during the Regency period in England.  I chose this moniker because I wanted a term to reflect my vision for my brand which is everything couture.

My original designs were inspired by haute couture fashion and modern decor.  Since our launch, our brand has evolved to include modern floral and adorable critter designs.  We have also expanded our product line to include dies, inks and an incredible line of gilding.  

My goal for The Ton is to create designs that make it easy for you to create beautiful projects with minimal effort. Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to read my story. I hope you enjoy looking around and shopping with The Ton!

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