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Daisy Duet Layering Stencils

Watch your blank cardstock panel come to life while ink blending using our Daisy Duet Stencils. This stencil collection contains four 6x4 inch stencils. 

  • 6 x 4 inches
  • 4 stencils
  • Coordinating die available separately here
  • Coordinating stamp available separately here.
  • Each stencil has a number and instructions etched on it to help guide you in layering this product.

For this layering set, you will need three to four ink colors for the petals, three inks colors for the centers and one ink for the foliage. *The amount of ink colors that you need is merely a suggestion. You can experiment with adding or subtracting pressure as you blend to increase or decrease shades/contrast. 


Stencil #1: Blend with your lightest petal layer. For the daisy center, use your mid-tone brown. 

Stencil #2: Blend with your mid-tone petal layer. 

Stencil #3: Blend with your darkest petal layer. For the two elements in the etched circles on the bottom portion of the stencil, blend using darkest brown.

Stencil #4: There are three elements on this stencil. Blend foliage with green ink. For the circled daisy centers, use a light brown. For the remaining center, use your darkest petal layer color. This is the shadow of your forefront daisy. 

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