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Bright Pansies Clusters Layering Stencils

Watch your blank cardstock panel come to life while ink blending using our Bright Pansies Stencils. This stencil collection contains four 6x6 inch stencils. 

  • 6x6 inches
  • 4 stencils
  • The coordinating dies are available separately here
  • Each stencil has a number etched on it to help guide you in layering this product.


Example blending with Pink color palette

  1. Adhere stencil 1 onto the center of a piece of cardstock larger than the stencil. Do not tape over the corners.
  2. Stencil 1: Blend entire stencil with light pink (note the etched circles on this stencil - we will return to the etched circled areas on stencil 1 and go over those areas with a very dark pink). After you blend this stencil with light pink, make sure to blend off your corners and onto your cardstock.
  3. Take Stencil 1 off of your cardstock. You should have four blended corners (a square). These are your alignment markers/layering guides.
  4. Place stencil 2 inside your alignment markers. Blend your midtone pink ink over the entire stencil. 
  5. Take stencil 2 off. Place stencil 3 inside your alignment marks. Blend your dark pink ink over the entire stencil. 
  6. Take stencil 3 off. Place stencil 4 inside your alignment marks. 
  7. Stencil 4: there are 6 shapes inside the etched circles on this stencil. Those should be blended with yellow/warm tone ink. These ares are the the centers of your pansy florals. The rest of the stencil should be blended with green ink. 
  8. Take stencil 4 off. Place stencil 1 back into your alignment marks. There are 3 etched circles on this stencil. Use a VERY dark pink or dark purple and blend the entire area inside the etched circles. 
  9. Your blending is now complete!

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