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Blended Peonies Large Stencils

This is a 9x12 inch 6 stencil layering collection with numbers etched on the corners to help guide you through the layering process. There are two layers for the foliage and four layers for the peony design. Once you layer all six stencils onto an 8.5 x 11 inch piece of cardstock, the result is a beautiful blended page that you can cut in half on each side to create four ready-to-make A2 cards.

  • 9x12 inches
  • 6 stencils
  • Each stencil has a number etched on it to help guide you in layering this product.
  • Coordinating dies available here

Instructions: You'll need 4 colors for your peony layers and two colors for your foliage layers. As you progress to the next stencil, please use a darker ink color. 

Position your stencils to ensure the numbers are read upright. If the numbers or upside down or sideways, rotate the stencil until the numbers are upright. 

For stencils #1 to #4, blend these stencils onto your 8.5x11in cardstock with your lightest, mid, semi dark and dark colors for your peony petals. 

**For stencil #4, do NOT ink the top left quadrant of the stencil with your darkest floral hue. This quadrant contains the images to blend in the centers of your peony images.  

Next, blend the last two stencil layers which are foliage layers. You will use the lighter shade first. Then you will blend a darker shade for the last stencil. 

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