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Couture Color Minis (Original Hues)

This collection features a complete collection of our original inks (DOES NOT INCLUDE ANY OF OUR SPRING/21 INKS).

This collection includes 52 mini ink pads: Lofty Mint Dye, Bright Emerald Dye, Hot Tourmaline Dye, Basil Mojito Dye, Vanilla Frosted Cupcake Dye, Beach Blondie Dye, Amber Citrine Dye, Lemon Drop Dye, Rose Quartz Dye, Soft Garnet Dye, Red Sangria Hybrid, Lipstick Red Dye, Soft Amethyst Dye, Iris Blooms Dye, Violet Fringe Dye, Grape Crush Dye, Soft Orchid Dye, Orchid Crush Dye, Grand Fuchsia Dye, Plum Wine Dye, Ballet Slippers Dye, Hollywood Star Dye, Cosmopolitan Pink Hybrid, Valentine Red Dye, Peach Blossoms Dye, Coralline Hybrid, Spiced Chai Dye, Coral Cavern Dye, Blue Diamond Dye, Cobalt Breeze Dye, Parisian Blue Dye, Caribbean Turquoise Dye, Crystal Pewter Dye, Smoky Quartz Dye, Light Onyx Dye, Noir Dye, Warm Hazelnut Dye, Found Topaz Dye, Aspen Cocoa Dye, Dark Roast Dye, Soft Garden Dye, Bright Fern Dye, Deep Emerald Dye, Basil Mojito Dye, Cali Blue Dye, Azurite Dye, Deep Sapphire Dye, Everglade Moss Dye

  • Fifty two 1x1 inch mini ink cubes
  • Made in the U.S.

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